A Beginner's Guide To Social Media Marketing

The most important preliminary of social media marketing is figuring out who your audience is. If you have no online presence yet, or no social media presence, chances are you first need to build up your audience.

So if you don’t have an audience, how do you create one?

1. Find what your audience is interested in and write about it. Start blogging about related topics, or just send out relevant tweets and Facebook posts. If you're more of a visual company Instagam and Pinterest are perfect marketing platforms to use. Tip: use Buzzsumo.com to research topics from competitors
2. Research on Twitter who is following your competitors and then follow them, you already know they're interested in what you have to offer. Tip: use crowdfireapp.com to research follow and unfollow.
3. Create a personalised Direct Message (DM) on Twitter, the friendlier the better. The aim being first and foremost to get a conversation going related to your brand in some way

Your communication with your audience should be relevant, make sure you don't sound too sales-y or you will lose followers. Stick to talking about what they're interested in. Offers and discounts are absolutely fine, but make sure you're backing the offers up with other communication. The idea of a company having a human face is very appealing.

Your unique perspective, background, opinions, and personality will make your content unique. It won’t appeal to everyone, but it will appeal very strongly to those that relate with you (aka your dream customers or readers).

Choose something very small that your audience can do for an easy win. It will build momentum toward that goal. This transforms your content from something abstract into something actionable, it could be a health tip, a fitness tip a request to share some information etc.

Decide your tone of voice

1. You have a logo, you have your colours, your type font, letter heads etc.
2. Now decide what is your tone of voice.
3. What are your brand values
4. What image do you want to portray
5. Every element of your brand should be reflected in your online marketing.
6. Tip: use Bufferapp.com to schedule your messages

Using your social media effectively

When interacting with your customers over social media, make sure you do the following three things. This is the best way to increase your following, create a good relationship with your following including developing an identity which your audience will look forward to interacting with and making sure you don't lose followers through spammy posts or not posting enough.

1. Ask questions - Get the conversation started. People love sharing their opinion, on social media more than anywhere else so ask them for their opinions on everything related to your brand. Run a cafe? See what they thought of last night's GBBO. Run a garage? Ask what their favourite car is. You get the double benefit of improving your interactions with your customers and gathering some qualitative market research
2. Create fun content to encourage comments - Everyone loves sharing interesting, fun content so make sure you're uploading and posting relevant, exciting things. You don't need to be a movie producer, something as simple as some quick vines or some cute instagram photos will work brilliantly.
3. Create contests to reward followers and further segment your audience’s interests. - Contests are a brilliant way of getting people engaged with your brand and gathering new followers. Everyone loves a competition so this is a brilliant way of getting your message out there.

Case Study: Tall Crooks

Age: 1.5 years
Twitter growth in last twelve months: 1500k followers to 21k
Instagram from a few hundred to over 9000+.

Software: Crowdfire app#; Instagress, Bufferapp and BeeLiked

We have advertised the brand to our target market with a partnership deal with London House Info on Twitter. We found that in the early stages (while we were very unknown) this was key in growing an audience and awareness. We run competitions with London House info, specific partnership coupon codes, as well as promotional tweets.

Giveaways to influencers:
Another marketing method we used is we give stock to well established djs to wear on their sets and then ask them to share a photo/link onto their instagram and Twitter. Endorsements are a great way of getting your audience to want the products their favourite DJs/ celebs are wearing.

At least 75% of our revenue comes via social, showing how vital it is for all businesses

Retweet to Win Contests:
We often give away T-shirts and hoodies via these contests and get over 400+ retweets each time.

Instagram Gallery:
This we embed into our site on www.tallcrooks.com/gallery. We have created an A6 flyer that goes in with each order and encourages fans to share a photo with #TallCrooks for the chance to win a free T-shirt each month.

Image reveal for new range:
We use the image reveal campaign to launch our new range each season. This allows us to create a buzz on social and we can offer everyone who enters a coupon code for 20% off.

To make your brand successful you need to be running campaign types relevant to your brand. For visual companies such as fashion brands, art house and even restaurants Instagram is your best friend. Make sure you're making the most of your social platforms and use external apps to help build a following and schedule your posts strategically.

BeeLiked's software is so encompassing, you can create winning campaigns for any type of company. Check out exactly what we can do to make your company more successful.

Campaign Idea
Check out some of our previous campaigns, for successful examples of what you could do, like this one from Skybet:


Relevance is the key to everything you do. You want to make sure that your campaigns are always up-to-date and popular topics.

Take our "spot the bribe" FIFA campaign below, this hits the mark on a number of counts: The satire is pretty funny, it's a fun game and it was 100% spot-on the news of the current day.

case study bribe

POSTED ON Oct-14-2015
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