6 Tips and Tricks to Improve Social Engagement

Sarah Lazell
March 13, 2017


When it works, successful social engagement can be a truly beautiful thing, having your customers interact with you on social media will give you some of the greatest incites into your audience and it’s needs and in turn help you to produce even better content. It really is win,win.

Here are a few BeeLiked tips on how you can make a little extra effort pay off big.

1. Be funny

Nothing gets a better response than humor, it can be a really powerful tool. Humor can make your brand more memorable, personable and relatable. Think about most of the campaigns that have gone viral, usually it is because the are funny and people share funny. 


No one understands this better than Jonathan O’Brien who ran the very successful @WstonesOxfordSt twitter account. O'Brien's account lead to a cult following due to it's witty literary content.



Not only did his tweets gain a lot of publicity it even lead to his marriage!

2. User generated content

Here at BeeLiked we love to hear those three little words! User generated content, or UGC (as we like to say when we want to save those valuable seconds) is a fun and interactive way to create something authentic.

Who knows your customers better than your customers right? Put them in the center of your campaigns by harnessing their unique talents and imagination.


3. Ease off a bit

No one likes the hard sell, particularly when they are being bombarded with similar messages all day long. Avoid giving off any desperate, trying too hard vibes. This means no sending hundreds of messages, no begging, no acting like a dramatic teenager moaning “but why don’t you like me?”


Just chill out and play it cool. Give people the information they need to make a decision but let them come to it by themselves. So before you send a message think about how it could be interpreted. Is your jokey tone really coming across as a little pushy?

4. Ask

If you don’t ask for a reaction you won’t get it. So think carefully about how you are wording your messages to see if they could me made more interactive. Could they be reworded to start a debate, share a joke, guess the answer..?

Let them be a part of your business decision making process, thinking of changing your logo, what do they think? Can’t choose between a flavor, Can they help?  Everyone likes to feel listened to. It is a nice way to help people feel invested in your business.

bring flavour back.jpg

5. Listen!

Social media is not one sided, don’t just post your campaign and then leave them to it. Well that’s not very sociable! Respond to their answers, talk like a real human, not a business.


6. Use the tools social media gave you

There are so many more options than just posting a comment and a picture these days. Each social network is clambering to offer more original and engaging features to their users. Facebook are investing a lot of resources in video, with live content, better engagement tools and a better experience. Instagram now allows you to go live and create stories.

These new tools aren’t there by accident, the way that people are using social media is changing and these features are reflecting that.

Think about adding more variety into your marketing campaign and see what works for your you and your users.



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