5 Top Tips For Running A Video Contest

Nothing brings a memory to life better than film. Video contests are highly visual, entertaining and spark emotional reactions. Now, with the phenomenal success of video networks such as YouTube, as well as the huge rise of Instagram video it couldn't be easier to share great video content with your friends.

Therefore, video contests are a highly effective but simple competition method to implement for a marketing campaign. Video competitions encourage user-generated content from fans and followers, allow customers to engage with your brand, and drive traffic back to your social networking sites, as well your website.

Here's 5 top tips for running a video contest...

1. Make your contest social

Social media networks simplify and enhance the way we share our videos, and with smart phones, people are constantly recording videos and sharing them online.

By making your video contest social, not only can it benefit from the huge audiences these social networks boast, but it also maximises viral awareness.

Take the brand Tic-Tac as an example, they often run adverts where tic-tac sweets form faces etc. This would be a perfect Instagram or Facebook 'stop-motion' video competition - asking fans to make the most fun, creative videos they can using Tic-Tacs! See my mock-up example below...

Tic Tac campaign poster screenshot

Alternatively, YouTube is a perfect platform to run a video competitions on, as people are familiar with the site and it's very easy to use and upload videos.

Finally, by making your contest social you can allow fans to vote on their favourite entry, which encourages entrants to get all their friends and family to share their submission to help them win.

2. Create a fun theme for your contest

An innovative theme is important to a video contest, it makes the campaign more interesting and it drives participants to work hard on their entry.

People can be extremely creative with a camera or a video app; so don't underestimate your audience's potential to take a great video!

BeeLiked launched a video competition with UK karaoke specialists Lucky Voice dubbed 'The Big Duet' which ran in Selfridges UK . Customers were invited to sing their heart out for a chance to win a trip to Toyko in partnership with Lastminute.com

Lucky Voice campaign poster screenshot

BeeLiked provided Lucky Voice with a fully branded microsite for the competition, which showcased entries and allowed audience members to come in and vote for their favourite performance via Twitter and Facebook.

Those who voted were also entered into a sweepstake to win a free Lucky Voice night out!

So, make sure to think of a engaging and interesting theme that really challenges your audience.

3. Offer great prizes that your audience want

The most successful contests that receive the highest entry figures offer great prizes. Obviously some fans and followers will enter a contest if it's fun and engaging, but at the end of the day, people enter contests because they want to win something.

Therefore, to increase submissions into your contest you must make sure that the winning entry is rewarded! The prize doesn't have to be hugely expensive, it can be discount vouchers, products, experiences,  gift hampers or even recognition.

You know your audience best, and you know what they are interested in winning. So rack your brains and offer out the most appropriate prize you can.

In my experience the coolest prizes that inspire the most are the ones that are relatable and obtainable. Ones that show that a company 'gets me' and my interests.

Win a karaoke party at home with Amelia Lily campaign poster

4. Use a microsite

Don't just run your contest as a Facebook App. Use a microsite, as it means you have a nice landing page for your competition, that is fully branded, provides your terms and conditions, and most importantly can incorporate other networks such as Twitter.

By using a microsite it also gives you the ability to catch data from entrants, including email, gender and country of residence.

5. Pick and promote a winner

This is the final opportunity to create some buzz around the campaign. Picking winners can be done in a number of ways, as previously mentioned winners can be chosen by a social vote, a name out of a 'hat' or instead why not have a panel of celebrity/specialist judges to pick the winner of the contest?

You could even have fans and followers create a shortlist, by social vote and then have the judging panel pick the winner from that list.

Once the winner is chosen, make sure to blog about it on your website, through your newsletter and on your social networks. Not only will your site get a final burst of traffic around this activity, but the buzz around the winner may encourage fans to participate in future campaigns.

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POSTED ON Aug-28-2015


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