5 Pinterest Marketing Campaigns To Learn From

Joe Miller
August 28, 2015

Pinterest logo on a pin-board

New kid on the block Pinterest, has certainly taken the social media world by storm. The platform, which invites members to 'pin' their favourite videos, pictures, and articles from across the Internet on visual 'bulletin boards', is growing at a record rate.

But, how do you use Pinterest to really engage your audience? How do you build a network of followers that are interested in your pins and want to interact with your brand?

At BeeLiked we believe it’s all well and good creating a few nice, pretty boards and pinning some interesting articles, but the way to really drive Pinterest followers and engagement is through the use of fun, innovative campaigns.

Due to the highly visual nature of the social networking site, the ability to share directly to brand's boards and the capability to give categories to interests, the site can allow for some truly unique and innovative campaigns.

Pinterest campaigns are not something that many brands have dabbled in due to the youth of the platform, however those who are implementing campaigns are having some great success.

So, I would like to encourage you to try something new and exciting with your Pinterest profile and implement a campaign. Here are 5 awesome Pinterest campaigns for some fuel for thought...


Inspiration for your next campaign

1. UNIQLO 'Dry Mesh Project'

Japanese clothing manufacturer UNIQLO ran a campaign planning to "wake Pinterest users from their scrolling slumber".

Using more than 100 accounts, a team of staff simultaneously pinned rows of long graphics in a five-column takeover. As users scrolled, the graphics appeared animated in the style of an old film strip.

UNIQLO Dry Mesh screen shot

The Pinterest takeover was highly creative and is certainly admirable for being the first, with the campaign receiving a positive response from users. However, if every company jumps on the 'takeover' bandwagon then Pinterest almost definitely will have a spam problem on it's hand. Also, I wonder whether the network will enforce limits on image length after this cheeky little stunt!

Watch the campaign video here

2. Kotex's 'Woman's Inspiration Day'

Kotex recognised Pinterest as the perfect platform for 'self expression', where women express themselves openly about style, make-up, fashion and design.

The brand decided to take a risk and implement one of the first Pinterest campaigns in the world. Kotex found inspiring women that were using the social networking site and studied their interests by observing their boards and pins.

Kotex then created personalised gifts for each of the influencers, which they would then receive if they repinned an initial virtual gift from the brand. If the inspiring women repinned their gift, Kotex then delivered their tangible present straight to their door!

Kotex gift box

Kotex states almost 100% of the women posted something about their gift, not only on Pinterest, but on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In total, there were more than 2,200 interactions based on the 50 gifts.

Check out the case study video here

3. Peugeot’s 'Panama Puzzle'

Car manufacturer Peugeot ran a highly innovative competition that rewarded fans who completed a Pinterest puzzle. Followers had to go to the Peugeot Facebook page or website to get the missing boards to finish the puzzle. The first five people to complete a board won a prize.

Peugeot's Panama Puzzle campaign screen shot

This is a great method that could be used for a number of competitions. For example, a brand could run a photo competition and create boards for different categories. The brand could then ask fans and followers to fill their categorised boards full of images!

The idea could also work for a quiz. A brand could post a question on it's website and then ask followers to pin the answer in 'image form' to their 'quiz board'. E.G "Which artist sings this classic", (follower then pins picture of the artist).

Brands could also create a board that begins to form an image as they pin segments. They could then ask fans to guess what the picture is!

4. Gucci's 'Pinnable Ad'

Gucci banner ad on pinterest

Gucci recently implemented a banner ad with a small pin it message in the bottom corner. Clicking ‘pin it’ took the user to the share screen on Pinterest.

The ad was part of Gucci's Fall/Winter 2012 digital campaign and ran on five sites WSJ.comPolyvoreStyle.comLifestyle Mirror and the The Cut,

This is a cool concept, even though most banner ads can be pinned regardless, the prompt of a “Pin it” button should drive more viewers to do just that!

Gucci’s presence on Pinterest is still fledgling: The Italian-based design house has attracted a following of a little more than 3,100 with its 432 pins. (Michael Kors, by contrast, has 1,200 pins and more than 53,000 followers.) But as we know already, having high engagement and reach on Pinterest doesn’t necessarily require a strong brand presence on the platform itself — many brands saw high referral numbers from the site before they event launched brand accounts simply because early users were pinning content they had already made available elsewhere online.

(via Mashable)

5. Guess's 'Colour Me Inspired'

American clothing brand Guess challenged its fans to create Pinterest boards based on four spring colours for the chance to win a 'color coasted denim clothes' from the brands spring collection.

The color boards Guess asked followers to fill included, 'Noir Teal', 'Hot House Orange', 'Red Hot Overdue' and 'New Plum Light'.

The campaign ran for a week in which 4 lucky winners were selected by judges Michelle Koesandi of 'Glisters and Blisters', Kirstina 'Bazan of Kayture', Jennifer Rand of 'Bella de Couture', and Samantha Hutchinson of 'Could I Have That'.

The contest ended and the winners were announced; however, the company will be running more exclusive Pinterest contests on the GUESS pinboard.

Colour me inspired leggings by Guess


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