5 Must Have Free Apps For iPad and iPhone


I'm a big fan of Apple products, however with over 500,000 apps to choose from in the app store, it can sometimes be a challenge to find the best ones.

‘What apps are the best?’ is a common question, however it is not one that is easy to answer. However, here are 5 apps that I couldn’t do without!


Flipboard has to be my favourite and most used app. Founded in 2010 the social magazine application pulls together a collection of your social networks most relevant tweets & posts, and presents them in a magazine format on your mobile device.

This application is great for when you’re travelling to and from work, simply flick your way through articles posted by the people you follow on Twitter or Facebook. or select from articles in different sectors such as Technology, Lifestyle or News.

The application stops you scrolling through your timeline seeking relevant tweets and articles, instead, Flipboard brings all your relevant news stories into a stunning, engaging, digital magazine, for you to peruse at your leisure, allowing you to retweet, favourite or email through the app.

Check it out on…  www.flipboard.com



Frequency is one of the best video applications around. Unfortunately this app is only available on the iPad, frustrating as this may be, this app is so nicely integrated and so engaging, it may well force you out to Apple to buy an iPad.

The Frequency app acts as personalised video service, allowing you to sit back and ‘watch’ the Internet.  The application integrates several social networks and curates them into channels of your highlights, Facebook videos, Twitter videos, YouTube videos etc, as well as featuring videos in ‘Frequency top 25’ and ‘trending’ sections.

You can also filter and search for videos by topic. When selecting a category, the app will show you the biggest influencers in that particular field, allowing you in follow them on Twitter and browse the videos they have posted online.

Frequency is a great advert for the iPad – I would definitely recommend it!

Get it here…  www.frequency.com

3. Instagram

Everyone loves a good photograph and now with the iPhone's powerful camera, more and more people are able to capture great shots on the move.

Instagram, recently bought by Facebook for $1 Billion, is an application for sharing images, whether you’re a pro or an amateur, the app is a great forum for uploading images and hearing what people have to say about them.

Instagram inspiration attempts to recreate the instant and magical feeling that once surrounded Polaroid pictures. The application has an extremely large community around taking photographs, adding a cool little filter, and then posting them for all to see.

A simple but effective application and one that will quickly grow on you. Instead of sharing your image as it stands, often you will find yourself wanting to add an original effect to the image, and share it on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

What I’ve found is that is grows your interest in photography and lures you into wanting to capture better photos to prove your ability and your eye for a great pic.

Get the app today at…  www.instagr.am



Foursquare is a great app that turns ‘eating out’ into a fun interactive game that allows you to compete against friends. Since launching in 2009 the leisure application has gathered a huge response with over 15 million users worldwide and over 2 million check-ins a day.

The application implements a similar check in concept that’s used on Facebook, however, Foursquare has incorporated the concept into a game, where users can compete for badges, accrue points, leave tips, unlock specials or earn the mayor title at venues all over the world.

The application is also great for companies, who can use the forum to analyse customer reviews as well as generate reward schemes and campaigns that surround the application.

This app is great fun and highly addictive, it’s awesome for competing against friends, building lists of place you love or want to visit, researching the best dishes to eat at a particular venue or for finding nice restaurants in your area!

Check out the application here…  www.foursquare.com


Evernote is an awesome app that helps you organise and plan your busy lifestyle. It works across Mac, iPad, iPhone and more importantly you can sync your account so you can access it on any of these platforms at any one time.

The app allows you to create notes, capture images, record voice memos and write to do lists. Also, a number of the features work together; for example: you could take a picture and record a voice memo to go with it; you can also install the Evernote web clipper, this lets you clip images straight from a webpage and annotate before you save them to your account.

Evernote has so many different features it is hard to give one exact answer to why you should use it. We find it great to use to help us remember and separate ideas. Simply add a relevant tag and then when you need to find information, you can quickly search for it.

Although it isn’t exactly a ‘fun’ app, we are still huge fans. Since I’ve had it, I have been able to categorise all different ideas or notes on all different projects, as well as having separate tags for any personal interests.

Get Evernote here…  www.evernote.com

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POSTED ON Aug-1-2012
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