5 Great Twitter Competition Examples

Joe Miller
August 28, 2015

Twitter all grown up,  It seems like yesterday that the micro-blogging site burst it's way onto the scene, forcing marketers to jump on the bandwagon and manage their 'Twitter presence'. 8 years on Twitter now boasts an impressive 225 million monthly active users with over 500 million tweets sent per day - not bad hey?

Now we all know that Twitter is a brilliant platform for a competition. These days it's difficult to scroll your timeline without seeing a 'Retweet to win' every other page, however, what are the best, most innovative competitions that brands have run on the network?


Here's 5 of the best

1. Bestival: #Twombolr (Twitter Tombola Campaign)

Twombolr logo - twitter tombola campaign

Do you remember playing Tombola at your local carnival? Well this campaign is like that; except they swapped teddies for tickets!

A Twitter tombola campaign sounds like a match made in heaven to me.This is a genius idea and it's quite surprising that nobody hadn't thought of this until a London-based creative called Tom Cleeland (@tommyjames) came up with the concept back in January 2013.

Introducing 'Twombolr' a raffle that uses a tweet as currency to pay for a ticket. All users had to do was click 'Tweet to Win' via a microsite and they would receive a unique ticket!

Tom teamed up with Bestival Festival to launch the world’s first Twitter tombola. Which had thousands of music-lovers entering the Twombolr competition to win tickets.

Bestival enter twombolr ticketThe campaign was so successful, the concept was re-used the next year to promote Camp Bestival 2013. Check out the website here... www.twombolr.com

This is an awesome idea for a Twitter competition and rightly tops my list!

2. British Airways: #RaceThePlane

Map of the #racetheplane campaign from London to TorontoHave you ever tried to race an airplane? If you have then I don't suppose you've had much luck.

Well, last year British Airways gave fans that opportunity, launching a competition titled #RaceThePlane which tested whether their flight from London to Toronto could beat the time of a virtual plane, the “Tweetliner”

The campaign launched by BBH London was created to support BA's new 787 Dreamliner planes, and asked followers across the country on Twitter to get involved by tweeting out the hashtag #RaceThePlane, to help power their virtual plane.

The digital race between the "Tweetliner" and the actual flight could be tracked on the now defunct www.racetheplane.ba.com

By helping power the virtual plane on Twitter, it automatically entered you into a competition to win one of five pairs of flight tickets to Toronto!

The race was then repeated but with a flight from London to LA, for another chance to win!

From planes to trains, Tweet powered campaigns are extremely popular. Whitespace agency in Scotland ran cool campaign where they built a model train track running around their HQ.

Tweet train video screenshot

(image via Promotional marketing)

Twitter users could make the train puff its way round the track by sending a tweet with #TweetTrain, and enjoy the ride via the on-board camera which was streamed online! There was no prize for this campaign so it's technically not a competition - but a nice idea nonetheless!

3. Innocent: #Tweetandeat

Innocent tweet and eat campaign

I've often looked down at my shopping basket and wished my favourite products were just a tad cheaper.

Well, my prayers were answered when Innocent gave fans the opportunity to reduce the price of their new 'Veg Pots' via Twitter!

All you had to do was tweet with the hashtag #tweetandeat to receive a minimum of 50p off your merchandise, while the ultimate prize resulted in their products coming free with every coupon.

The aim of the campaign was to encourage followers to get everyone they know to tweet the '#tweetandeat' hashtag to lower the prices.

This was a fun way of spreading the brand's name, giving it further exposure, boosting its Twitter followers and more importantly, giving people who wouldn't normally purchase their products an excuse to try them out.

4.Uniqlo: #LuckyCounter

Uniqlo lucky counter campaign

Uniqlo UK ran a similar hashtag competition where for every tweet of the hashtag '#luckycounter' it reduced the price of a selection of their merchandise by 1p!

The difference with this campaign was that the brand provided you with a microsite, which allowed you to select your favourite item and help reduce it, by clicking and tweeting straight from the page!

This competition generated a vast amount of buzz online and drove thousands of people into store on the date the brand announced the discounts could be claimed!

The idea of a 'price drop ' via Twitter has now been implemented by a few brands! Domino's also ran a similar campaign asking fans to slice the price of their 'Pepperoni Passion Pizza' using the hashtag #letsdolunch, and The co-operative also ran a Twitter competition asking fans to #fighttheprice of their items on a weekly basis.

5. Starbuck: #MyFrappuccino

Lets face it there is noting better in the morning than a nice cup of coffee, so when Starbucks launched a Twitter competition celebrating the return of their 'Frappuccino Happy Hour'  - you can imagine the response.

Followers were encouraged to tweet in photos to @StarbucksUK using the hashtag #MyFrappuccino completing daily challenges, including most delicious smiles, what “just-chillin” looks like, why you love summer and many more.

The brand rewarded the most fun and creative photos with a £10 Starbucks Card to a winner every day!!


Tag your photos campaign by Starbucks #myFrappuccino


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