5 Great Social Media Campaigns From Q4


The forth and final quarter of the year is here, the leaves are falling on the ground, the summer is truely behind us and people are preparing for the Winter.Q4 is extremely busy for brands, as a great deal of time and effort is spent by companies thinking how they can engage their fanbase after the summer, and in the build up to the festive season.

It's a little early for Christmas campaigns, however, there have already been some highly engaging social media campaigns so far in Q4.

Here's 5 of the best...


London commuters may remember seeing one of the 50 #lookforlonger posters placed around the tube network late last year, asking people to guess the 75 underground stations hidden in the image!

Well guess what! Due to the success of last year, (and boy was it a success, with 1.16 million game players registering) CBS Outdoor have re-launched #Lookforlonger with a completely new cryptic puzzle for you to figure out!

This time around there are 100 Tube, overground & DLR stations cryptically represented within the image, for you to bang your head over!

The microsite works the same as last year, you can log in into Facebook and Twiter to save your progress, and share clues out to your networks to ask friends for help!

The prize draw will be based on how many answers you manage to get:

25 - Nike+ Fuelband

50 - GoPro Hero 3 White Edition

75 - Beats By Dre Headphones

100 - Samsung Smart Camera NX2000

Also, if you manage to successfully guess all 100 you’ll become a member of the prestigious #100club - which already has 2096 members - some people have too much time on their hands!

I think it's a brilliant idea to bring this campaign back. Cryptic Image quizzes are extremely addictive and highly viral driving the 'word of mouth' factor, and after last years huge success - why not make another puzzle and bring it back this year!

Check out Look for Longer 2 here Entries close on 15th December 2013.

BeeLiked can run cryptic image campaigns through our software, so get in touch if you are interested!


British supermarket brand The Co-Operative launched this 'Fight The Price' campaign through Twitter!

Every Monday the brand released a new product to www.fighttheprice.co.uk, which followers could then reduce the price of the item by tweeting #Fighttheprice

The more tweets that were sent using the hashtag, the more the deal-o-metre dropped!

Here's an example: a 40” Samsung TV with the discount at £100 off!

Fight-The-Price.pngOnce the discount was locked in each Friday, the site released the appropriate promo code at 10 am, which could be used at http://www.coopelectricalshop.co.uk/.

This is a cool social media campaign and falls under a concept we call 'Price Drop' at BeeLiked. Not only does it engage with fans on social, but it then encourages them to spend money at the new discounted price. You may have seen Innocent run a similar campaign called 'tweetandeat'.

If you are interested in running a 'Price Drop' campaign get in touch.


Lonely_Planets_Beautiful_World.pngLast month travel guide book publisher Lonely Planet, launched a photo contest through social networks to celebrate the launch of Lonely Planet’s Beautiful World book.

Lonely Planet are challenging all keen travellers to send in their best shot that captures our beautiful world for a chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime photography tour with Richard I'Anson!

Photos must fall under one of these categories: Celebration - festivals and spiritual sights, Community - local people and harmonious scenes, Untamed - wildlife and rugged scenery and Space - epic landscapes across the planet.

The competition is running through Facebook, Twitter, Instragram and Flickr! BeeLiked has provided Lonely Planet with a microsite for the competition, which showcases entries and allows audience members to enter their photo, as well as vote for their favourite

The competition has had some stunning entries so far and has already received over 7500 entries!

Think you have a better one? If so, enter your photo now and make sure to tell all your friends to vote! Entries close on 6th January 2014.

Check out the campaign and all the photos here


BA launched a competition called #RaceThePlane which tested whether their flight from London to Toronto could beat the time of a virtual plane, the “Tweetliner”.

The campaign by BBH London was launched to support BA's new 787 Dreamliner planes, and asked followers across the country on Twitter to get involved by tweeting out the hashtag #RaceThePlane, to help power their virtual plane.

The digital race between the "Tweetliner" and the actual flight could be tracked on http://racetheplane.ba.com/uk/.

By helping power the virtual plane on Twitter, it automatically entered you into a competition to win one of five pairs of flight tickets to Toronto.

The race was then repeated but with a flight from London to LA, for another chance to win!


This is a simple Twitter competition concept, which at BeeLiked we call 'Lucky Tweet'. The software tracks and pulls in entries from a #hashtag, that you can then enter into a 'winner spinner' sweepstake. If you are interested in a campaign like this get in touch!


Have you ever been speaking to a friend or an acquaintance and seen they have something stuck in their teeth, but you simply didn't have the nerves to tell them?

Well, Toothpaste brand Colgate launched a rather humorous campaign to help you tip off people about food stuck in their teeth.

The social meida campaign enabled fans to anonymously inform people through Twitter about the food stuck in their teeth.

The microsite for the campaign allowed you to pick the item of food, log into your Twitter and then send the message. Or, if you didn't want to use Twitter, you could email them!

I thought this campaign was rather funny and I tweeted a fair few friends saying they had food in their teeth -even though they didn't! I must say though, it would have been better if there were more food options to select - there were only around 10-15!



Are you interested in running a social media campaign? Our software enables brands to launch a range of 'ready to go' campaigns across multiple social networks. Our concepts include cryptic image quizzes, photo/video competitions, question and answer quiz, caption contests, image reveal, x marks the spot and many more.

We provide microsites for all our campaigns which sit on the users website, are fully customisable and can be white labelled. We can produce campaigns for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, YouTube, Vine and even Spotify.

POSTED ON Nov-8-2013
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