5 Fabulous Twitter Contest Campaigns

NOVEMBER 18, 2012 AT 10:30 AM

Cartoon image of Twitter birdsSocial Media marketing is now more than ever an essential tool for promoting your brand, growing your audience and building your customer relationships.

However, making your Twitter presence, interesting and engaging is no easy task. Twitter contests are a highly effective solution to these challenges, allowing interaction with your audience, natural growth of your following as well as a significant boost in traffic to your website.

Saying that, to achieve success with your contest it must be creative, highly viral and addictive!

Here's 5 innovative Twitter contents to get your brainwaves flowing...

1. Seat 'Tweet For Mii'

Seat launched a rather extraordinary Twitter contest last month that involved a Seat mini suspended from a crane at 35 feat above Potters Field Park. The campaign asked Twitter users to send in creative tweets to lower the car to the ground!

Many people will remember this location as the base for illusionist David Blaine's eccentric stunt that saw him en-caged in a box for 44 days - I'm sure after a few weeks Blaine would of loved Social Media users to help him down from his perspex prison!

Seat's teamed up with car retailer Auto trader and asked Tweeters to tell the Twittersphere exactly why they deserved to win the car with #winMiiwithAT. The most innovative, humorous and original Tweets on they day were then passed over to Auto Traders panel of judges who decided who deserved to win the new motor!

Yellow Seat next to Tower BridgeWatch the trailer here

2. Angry Birds Star Wars

With Rovio's Angry Birds 'Star Wars' game released last month, the ever-moody birds asked fans to get involved in their new competition to build hype for the new version of the game.

The brand combined the launch of the app with a range of Halloween Star Wars outfits and gave away a select few to the most creative and humorous fans.

To win them, you had to tweet a Star Wars quote to them, but turn it into a tribute to the lovable birds and the troublesome pigs. Entrants had to use #ReplaceAStarWarsQuoteWithAngryBirds and be as creative as possible in their response.

Here's some examples:

"May The birds be with you #ReplaceAStarWarsQuoteWithAngryBirds"

'Your powers are weak old had #ReplaceAStarWarsQuoteWithAngryBirds"

"You underestimate the power of the pork side #ReplaceAStarWarsQuoteWithAngryBirds"

I think this is a really nice idea and a good competition, only downside is I feel the #hashtag is too long!

Angry Birds Star Wars plushes

3. #ThreePassTheParcel

On it's 9th birthday Phone network 3 had a bit birthday fun with a Twitter competition using 'live stream'.

The campaign asked audience members to follow a live event of 'Pass The Parcel' on Three's website between 9am-330pm.

Live streaming to over 10,000 unique viewers, the brand unwrapped a layer of a parcel that revealed a question on a board, followers then had to answer the question using #ThreePassTheParcel to win the prize from that particular layer.

There were 333 layers in total, with Three selecting one random winner per question from everyone who tweeted the correct answer. As each winner was picked, the brand revealed the winner live on boards with an iPad 2 up for grabs as the final prize!!

#ThreePassTheParcel campaignThe campaign was hugely successful, 'Three UK' trended on Twitter all day receiving over 50,000+ tweets, reaching almost 18 million people!

By lunchtime on the day of the campaign four of the top ten trends on Twitter were answers to questions Three were asking  - sounds like a very good birthday for the brand.

Watch the campaign Video here

4. Starbucks 'Happy Hour'

Global Coffee Chain Starbucks, ran an inspirational Twitter contest that asked followers to complete photo challenges to celebrate the return of their 'Frappuccino Happy Hour'.

Followers were encouraged to tweet in photos to @StarbucksUK using the hashtag #MyFrappuccino completing daily challenges, including most delicious smiles, what “just-chillin” looks like, why you love summer and many more.

The brand rewarded the most fun and creative photos with a £10 Starbucks Card to a winner every day.

The hashtagged entries were also shared onto Instagram, giving the contest a great crossover onto mobile.

Starbucks tag your photos competition #myFrappuccino

5. Domino’s Pizza: #letsdolunch

Dominos Pizza ran an highly creative Twitter contest that added value to its brand and also generated ROI by encouraging new customers. Its offer which ran from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. on March 5th, 2012, slashed the price of the store’s 'Pepperoni Passion Pizza' by one pence every time someone tweeted the hashtag #letsdolunch

After 85,000 tweets, the price dropped from £15.99 to £7.74, and Domino’s offered that price from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. that day.

This is great campaign method that encourages fans to tell everyone they know to tweet the hashtag to lower the prices. People can tweet the hashtag as many times as they would like subject to Twitter’s terms of use.

Dominos Tweet Treat Pepperoni Passion Pizza

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