5 Awesome Social Media Competitions From February 2013


2013 is now well under way, and with January blues and Christmas bills now behind customers, February is a great opportunity to reach out to consumers with some innovative promotions.

February’s selection as you can imagine, features a fair few Valentines contests, as brands exploit the loved-up couples into spending money on their products.

Without further ado, here’s the best of Feb…


With the launch of Twitter’s Vine on January 24th, many brands have started to think how they can use the 'stop-motion' video app in their social media strategy.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Vine, the application allows you to create short 6-second ‘stop-motion’ videos and share them with your friends on Vine itself, as well as Twitter and Facebook. Simply touch the screen to record, and let go to pause.

People have certainly taken to the app well, and with a large proportion of the videos on #vine being fun and creative, I was extremely interested to see which brands would utilize the innovative aspects of Vine for social competitions - and someone did!

This month on Valentines Day Cavendish Hotels asked fans to create their best #ValentineVine, with the most romantic video winning an overnight stay for two on February 15th.

The winning entry was titled "Reunite Lost Sole Mates" by Chris Lovell - A great vine if you ask me! You can view the runners up on their Facebook.

This is a great concept, however, I feel they would have benefited by using a BeeLiked microsite, as currently the only way to see all the entries for the competition is by searching #ValentineVine and scrolling through Twitter.


Mashable also ran their own little #Valenvine competition on the day, and as you would imagine they received some amazing entries. Check it out here


Cavendish Hotels were not the only ones trying to cash-in on loved-up consumers, O2 decided to put on Cupids boots on Valentines day by displaying special promotions in shop windows. The brand asked people to tweet loving messages using #O2Tweetheart

As long they were clean, 02 then broadcasted the messages of love on screens in stores across the country.


What's more, one lucky message was selected at random to win a £500 bag of vouchers for Malmaison Hotels, so a couple could arrange a romantic break at their leisure. O2 then selected their 20 favourite messages and gave away a £50 Bonus Bond voucher!


Liam Gallagher’s clothing label 'Pretty Green' also launched a Valentines competition, this one however, made use of Instagram and Twitter, asking followers to send in a photo of 'what loves means to them'.

Those who sent in the best pictures received £250 worth of vouchers to spend in the store, with 3 runners up winning £50.


Entry requirements were as follows:

1. Follow @prettygreenltd on Instagram
2. Snap a photo of what you think sums up ‘real love’ (again keeping it clean)
3. Tag your photo with #reallove
4. Share you entries on Twitter @prettygreenltd with the tag #reallove

I think this is a interesting campaign, however, again, the brand could have benefited from a BeeLiked microsite that sits on their webpage, displaying all images and enabling voting.


If you live or work in London and take the tube, most of you will be familiar with CBS Outdoor - If you're not, then you are clearly not paying much attention to your surroundings!

CBS Outdoor produce and sell advertising space across the country. On The London Underground they provide the huge electronic boards on platforms that rotate adverts, and the electronic ads that feature up the sides of escalators.

The brand are known for innovative campaigns, you may remember a competition called #Lookforlonger they ran in October-November 2012, which asked fans to guess the 75 featured underground stations hidden in their cryptic image.

This month, CBS Outdoor are asking fans why they love their city. The campaign features a number of cities across the UK, and encourages audience members to enter a photo with the correct hashtag. E.g #LovingLDN, to win a 3G Samsung Galaxy camera.

The campaign is featured on a microsite and already has had some amazing entries. Take a look here! I think it would be great if they incorporated Instagram as well!



Clothing brand Asos ran a highly innovative competition today titled 'DenimPairs'.The idea of the campaign was to tweet @Asos with two numbers, and if they matched up with the pictures on Asos's cards you could win the perfect pair of jeans.

To explain the concept a little bit more, Asos had a pack of 'denim cards' with 26 potential matching pairs. Fans had to tweet Asos with their guesses and if they were correct they were entered into a sweepstake to win that specific pair. Make sense?

Asos streamed the pairings live on Twitter from lunchtime today, as people followed and engaged with the campaign!


This is a very nice Twitter competition from Asos. It would have been better had they used a microsite with a live stream for #DenimPairs, information of cards that had been matched/drawn, as well as prize information!


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POSTED ON Feb-22-2013
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