5 Awesome Social Competitions From October 2012


Competitions are a highly effective way for brands to engage with their customer base. Social networks are now becoming an increasingly popular choice for companies to do just this.

However, due to the vast amount of competitions being run online, making yours stand out from the crowd can be a hard task. Alongside that, it is important that it is engaging, fun to participate in and simple to enter.

Therefore, I thought I would give you some inspiration for your competition with the best of the bunch from October, enjoy...


This month Costa Coffee launched an innovative competition created by London agency Karmarama, that stretched across television, Facebook and mobile. To maximize reach Costa launched the first part of the campaign (the advert) between the X-Factor which featured a number of coffee keenos buried up to their neck in beans singing 'Kiss's -I was made for loving you'

The TV ad was backed with a campaign on Facebook, asking customers to sing their own version of the Coffee Head spot using the free app.

Audience members simply have to download the app to their iPhone or desktop, sing along to the lyrics and upload the video with their name and email to win a chance to appear in a later tv ad, as well as a years supply of coffee. The application also lets you share your video out to your social networks to spread the hype about the campaign.

Is seems hundreds of people are buzzing off the Coffee campaign with a vast amount of entries into the competition already, as it's set to continue for a few more weeks.

So, give the advert a watch, and head over to their Facebook page now!


With Rovio's Angry Birds 'Star Wars' game coming out this month, the ever-moody birds have asked fans to get involved in their new competition to build hype for the new version of the game.

The brand has combined the launch of the app with a range of Halloween Star Wars outfits and are giving away a select few to the most creative and humorous fans.

To win them, you had to tweet a Star Wars quote to them, but turn it into a tribute to the lovable birds and the troublesome pigs. Entrants must use the #ReplaceAStarWarsQuoteWithAngryBirds and be as creative as possible in their response.

Here's some examples:

"May The birds be with you #ReplaceAStarWarsQuoteWithAngryBirds"

'Your powers are weak old had #ReplaceAStarWarsQuoteWithAngryBirds"

"You underestimate the power of the pork side #ReplaceAStarWarsQuoteWithAngryBirds"

Here's my one:

Suffering comes from hate, hate of Pigs comes from anger, anger will stop the Pork side. #ReplaceAStarWarsQuoteWithAngryBirds"

I think this is a really nice idea and a good competition, only downside is I feel the #hashtag is too long!



UK boy band Mcfly are often known for their pranks. That's why this month Maynard's 'Sour patch kids' teamed up with Mcfly's Harry to create some mischief.

Reflecting the sour but sweet candy, fans are asked to submit the best practical joke, with the winners receiving £2,000 with hunky Harry as the judge.

The campaign was implemented through a Facebook app, titled 'Pitch Us Your Stitch Up' and asks audience members to nominate a friend you wish to play a prank on and your idea.

Check it out here



Thomas Cook launched a simple but fun social competition that asked people to design a Trunki (Suitcase) to win a summer holiday in 2013 or 5 Trunki suitcases.

The brand asked fans to design and enter their own 'Trunkis' on their Facebook app, which works like Microsoft Paint' or instead download the template and fill-in the gaps - remember to stay between the lines!

The deadline for the suitcase submissions was Friday 19th October, after that Trunki’s design gurus picked a winning design in four different categories: Boys, Girls, Animals/Bugs and Cartoon Characters. Thomas Cook’s Facebook community also voted for a fifth finalist, who received one of the pull-along cases and was entered into the holiday prize draw.



Sainsburys has just launched a fun photo competition asking fans to upload a photo of their 'autumn moment' to win 1 of 5 £100 vouchers on offer every week until November 6th.

Customers are asked to add a caption to their photo as well as select a theme. These include 'Halloween', 'Bonfire Night', 'Outdoor fun', 'Cooking and Baking' and 'Other'.

This may not be the most innovative campaign in the world, however, it has a 'feel good' 'family' approach and with over 540k likes Sainsburys should receive a substantial response. I personally feel this campaign would be much more viral had the brand enable users to vote and share their favourites!

Saying that, there are already some really nice photos entered. Have a look and enter your own here

image: http://beeliked.com/files/7513/5085/7685/Autumn_Moment.jpeg



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