5 Awesome Social Competitions From December 2012


Over the last few months we have seen some amazing competitions, from singing coffee heads in October to crazy cryptic images in November. Now, well into December many brands are launching competitions to capitalise on the high spirits of the holidays.

Take a look at December's best below...


This month country singer Hunter Hayes launched an innovative competition that involved a scavenger hunt across 55 cities in the U.S.

The 'Road Race' campaign hid Piano keys in each city marked with hunters logo, hand-numbered and signed. The campaign is showcased on a microsite, which gives clues for each city once certain tasks have been carried out, e.g share, tweet and enter in email details.

Those clever enough work out the clue, and quick enough to find the key first, will recieve tickets, plus a meet and greet pass!

The campaign microsite highlights the cities and the 'races' for that particular day, with each race starting at 4pm. Head over to the Hunter Hayes Road Race competition page now and join in!

This is a great competition concept that could be used for a number of brands. It is highly viral with people having to share the campaign to participate, it is 'sticky' because fans have to keep checking back to see clues and is attractive because it has a great prize on offer!

I could see this idea working extremely well for an auto brand, hiding keys in a number of cities, first one to find them wins the car.


Dutch Sat-Nav manufacturer TomTom, this month implemented a complex competition that stretched across viral video and digital.

To maximize reach TomTom launched the first part of the campaign (a viral advert) online, that featured an ambitious man attempting to combine aspects of every viral video that has ever been a success into one clip.

However, TomTom apparently hasn't had the 'budget' to really to do it properly. So, the result is an amazing combination of 'viral' copies, from a T-Mobile 'flashmob' (featuring only himself) to Sony's bouncing balls (consisting of around 4 balls).

The viral ad was backed with a competition game where TomTom vows to give you 'more'. Entrants have to answer quiz questions as they 'unwrap' their way through different game 'routes' to win prizes.

Prizes include 'a driving adventure', a 'TomTom VIA 135M' as well as vouchers! The game has several features and is quite complex, including a market place and coins, so be ready to invest some time if you want to win!

Check out the competition here



Costa has been 'hot' on the Competition front this year, and are once again reaching out to customers with their new 'Costa Christmas Giveaway'.

It has only been a few months since their highly successful 'Costa Coffee Heads' campaign, which saw thousands of coffee lovers submit videos of themselves (or even pets) singing 'Kiss's -I was made for loving you' via Costa's mobile app.

Now, Costa are warming their customers up with more than just a cup of their finest. This Christmas, the brand are offering their Facebook fans the chance to win a number of great prizes with their very own advent calender!

All people have to do win different daily prizes is enter their contact details each day to be placed into a sweepstake for the Costa Christmas present!

Prizes vary from a trip to Italy for 2, to a Costa Christmas Hamper, something to appeal to every-one's Christmas wish list.

It may seem a bit strenuous to enter your details on a daily basis, however, the prizes certainly seem worth the effort.

Take a look at their advent calender here, there are still some great gifts up for grabs!



As it's the season for giving, Wagamama's has launched a heartfelt competition to make someones year, by giving them the chance to win £5000!

Wagamama's are asking fans to nominate someone who goes out of their way to be kind to others!

For every nomination Wagamama's receive, they have promised to donate £5 to UK youth, from now until Christmas, as well as 50p for every new like on their Facebook page. The brand aims to raise a total of £20,000 for the cause.

Wagamama's has also asked people on their email database to help 'spread the love' with a promise to donate an additional £5000 once they receive 100 forwards.

Wagamama's has donated £4814 to date, with plenty of days left to reach their goal. Nominations of 'kind people' range from charitable folks to loving sisters and fathers! £50 vouchers are also up for grabs for those who nominate.

Check out the campaign page here and feel free to nominate!


Fashion brand Asos has launched a campaign this Christmas titled 'Best Night Ever', fronted by three stars, hip-hop artist Azealia Banks, singer Ellie Goulding and model Charlotte Free.

The campaign was launched across Facebook as well as Twitter, and includes a range of interactive surprises for fans including playlists, photos and interviews.

The idea has been combined with a competition element, where is Asos asking people to create the perfect outfit for the party season using the #BestNightEver hashtag.

The best outfits will be in with a chance of winning a £300 shopping spree on Asos!

Check out the competition here.



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