2016's Best Marketing Campaigns So Far

2016 was tipped to be 'the year of the video', and so far it hasn't disappointed. With the mobile technology boom still in full swing, we've been seeing some fantastic video-optimised and user generated content appearing in advertising campaigns so far this year.

We've brought together our favourites so far. Not only are they all unique, interesting ideas, but their success means there's definitely something to be learnt from them. Read on to find out how to adapt your marketing campaign:

1. Unilever

An unusual one to start with, Unilever decided to help tackle a major problem with its latest advertising campaign. The company helped bring entertainment to a region of India where electricity isn't constant. The company allows people to receive radio entertainment for three, simply by using their mobile phones - mixing entertainment with advertising for Unilever products.

The advert below contains all the ingredients for 2016 marketing success: real life people, video formatting and a wonderful message:


Don't worry though, there's no reason you need to launch something so large-scale to elicit results. It's the sentiment people really like, and in no situation is that more stark than local people helping their local community. Try to incorporate some charitable aspect to your marketing  and watch how people respond.

2. Odeon

In celebration of Leo DiCaprio's long awaited Oscar win, an Odeon cinema in London renamed itself Leodeon.

The lighthearted, fun campaign captured the attention of major media outlets and news programs, and undoubtedly saw a rise in ticket sales and cinema goers due to the novelty factor. Whilst it's difficult for smaller companies to garner the same kind of response from name changes, it's still a fun and whimsical way of attracting new attention.

If you are considering something like this, make sure the play on your name is interesting and attention grabbing, and consider running a social media campaign to stir up attention.

3. Airbnb

Airbnb's latest PR stunt involved advertising an igloo during New York's incredibly snowy winter. While it was quickly shut down as an inappropriate location, it had already gathered attention from all the major news outlets, social media and it had a number of reservations!

Here at BeeLiked, we're just disappointed it's not real - staying in an igloo sounded like a pretty darn fun getaway.

4. Creed - Film

In celebration of the release of Creed, the advertising team behind the film decided to play the Rocky theme to commuters climbing up the stairs rather than the escalator.



The January blues hit everyone, and when you tie that in with the struggle of getting to work there's no wonder people feel a bit glum. This stunt was a great way of boosting people's moods, having a little bit of fun and capturing people's attentions.

There's no reason why small companies can't carry out similar PR stunts - it's a fantastic way of being noticed.

So there you have it! Some really wonderful campaigns from the start of this year. Check out BeeLiked to unleash your creative powers and see similar levels of marketing success!

POSTED ON Apr-16-2016


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