The Best Easter Campaigns And Why They Worked

Milly Hopkins
March 2, 2016


Easter's a really cracking holiday isn't it? Chocolate, chocolate, treasure hunts and chocolate, what a fun combination.

Companies all try to get in on the act, so with such a crowded market how do you find a creative niche? How can you make your Easter campaign stand out amongst the rest? Well we've rounded up our favourite Easter campaigns along with neat little explanations as to why they were so successful.

Read through the list for tips and advice and make this holiday a success for your company.


Tesco children and adults alike could get in on the action. Their brilliant #FindtheEggs game used Google Street View to let people locate and find the delicious, chocolately treasure.

A campaign that's both whimsically wonderful and excellently delivered.



Here's a brilliant example of how to make Easter work for you, if you don't run a company that easily ties in with the day. Whiskas, the famous cat food producer, created a fun app for their feline owning customer base that enabled them to enjoy the festivities.
The app let users upload pictures of their cats and then fit bunny ears onto them, simple and effective.
We know it's not that simple for everyone to create apps every time they want to advertise their brand, but this campaign shows that with a bit of creativity and imagination you can make any holiday work for you - it's all about thinking outside of the box.

Reese's Pieces

Humour is such an overwhelmingly important tool in marketing, using it correctly can be the difference between a substandard campaign and a social media campaign that really gets your customer base talking.
This great example from Reese's Pieces hits the nail right on the head. It's funny without becoming insulting, it's good natured ribbing and wordplay all mixed in to one advert.
Plus who doesn't love a good pun?




Another brand that a tuned into our collective childhood's is Mashable. They decided to run a social media competition to try and find the best decorated Easter egg, and used Vine as their medium. Using #CraftyEggs they gathered a ton of entries and picked the most creative ones to feature in their follow up blog post.


This campaign was a nice relief from all the usual chocolate themed ones, it gave them some great UGC to feature on their site and the publicity went down a storm with the public.


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