A Valentine's Marketing Graphic To Make Your Pulse Rate Soar

Valentine's Day is one of the biggest marketing events in the calendar, even if us singletons would rather it wasn't. But that aside, it's imperative for companies everywhere to make sure their advertising hits the right spot. Luckily, our friends over at The Shelf have furnished us with this brilliant infographic, helping everyone make the most of the year's most romantic day.


Here's the main summary of points to follow:

  • Don't ignore men! It's probably easier to sell love hearts and scented candles to women, but at least 50% of your target audience will be men (if not more), so there's no excuse for forgetting this demographic
  • Last minute shopping is often worse on Valentine's Day than Christmas, so keep your doors open and your promotions going until the final hour!
  • Keep in mind age groups, young adults are more likely to spend more and more likely to spend online
  • Think about creative ways to advertise - like gifts for pets or children!
  • Social media campaigns are vital for this generation!
Courtesy of: The Shelf
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POSTED ON Feb-12-2016
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