10 Reasons Your Last Contest Failed


A solid, well planned competition can do amazing things for your marketing, it can be a cost-effective and exciting way to engage with your audience. However not all contests end up as successful as they could have been.

If your last contest fell a little flat, not to worry. Here are are a few tips from BeeLiked to help make the next one an outstanding success. So before you launch ask yourself...

WHAT IS YOUR incentive?

People rarely want to give up their personal information for free. If you want your audience to participate then you need that carrot on the stick, as any incentive must be worth the time to participate. It could be a coveted prize, it could be a unique experience or perhaps something novel and different that makes your audience want to engage.

Are you attracting the right audience?

Did you have the right audience in mind when you created your contest or did you just guess? Taking time to understand your customer will make a transformative difference to your contest.

Could you be attracting 'compers' and people to use their secondary emails like hotmail?

Is it too complicated?

Did you make it really clear to your reader what they were expected to do? Make sure you aren't confusing your audience and help them, make it easy as possible.

Your audience has a really small attention span so when they come to your page you need to make it really clear what the competition is about and what they need to do to enter. If you are expecting your audience to jump through lots of hoops to enter then think again.

Does it make your audience suspicious?

Does your contest seem too good to be true? Are you asking for lots of personal information and not explaining why? Is there a lot of small print that isn’t very clear?

If your user feels in any way that the contest isn’t legitimate then they will be clicking away very quickly.

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Is your prize pitched correctly?

An expensive prize may make the reader feel like they have no chance of winning, or a very small prize may not be incentive enough for the audience to keep going.

Think about your business and your audience and try and align your prize to their interests. A healthy eater won’t be interested in a case of wine for example, they will be more interested in healthy food, recipe books or similar healthy living products. Can your users visualize themselves using the prize? If the answer is yes then you are likely to have a higher sign up.


Is your page too slow to load? There may be an amazing contest at the other end of the screen loading but your audience will never know, they have already started clicking elsewhere. Make sure that your contest has been vigorously tested beforehand, on every platform.



Is it positioned correctly?

Did you advertise on Facebook when your users are on Snapchat? Or tweet about your campaign when your customers are more comfortable with email? 

Remember you are looking for quality leads, you aren’t just collecting email addresses from competition seekers who don’t care about you or your business so place yourself accordingly.

Have you asked people to share?

If you haven’t asked users to share the competition then you have missed a trick. Make it as easy as possible for users to share the contest with their friends.



Have you done your planning?

Did you take the time to put together a marketing strategy together beforehand? Be it a sweepstake, giveaway, or competition, check out our blog article on how to get the most out of your contest for some tips on planning.

Have you looked at your timing?

Will you launch your promotion at the best possible time? Major holidays and events can distract your audience from your campaign, so look at the best window of opportunity for your contest.



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POSTED ON Jun-2-2017
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