Tips To Improve Your Mothers' Day Marketing

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Ahh Mother's Day, it's the time for people everywhere to celebrate their mums. To help you get ready for this day, we've rounded up our top tips for Mothers' Day marketing!

Depending where abouts on this wonderful green planet you are, you'll celebrate Mothers' Day at different times of the year. Over here in London we celebrate it in March, in the US and a huge number of other countries it's in May and for the rest of the world it could be in any month of the year!

Whenever the day hits your country, these tips will help you prepare and if you've got a few months yet to go feel lucky you've got plenty of preparation time!


Valentine's Day... Thanksgiving... Christmas... They're all holidays which celebrate togetherness and tenderness, showing affection and gratitude to our nearest and dearest, but none of them really approach the level of sentimentally which is associated with Mothers' Day.

It's a day which is close to all our hearts because there's no one in the world quite like your mum! So when you're planning a marketing strategy you want to make sure you're playing up the emotion of the day. Make your offers and your advertising heartfelt and touching, that's the best way to generate interest.

Hallmark are obviously brilliant at this, their #putyourhearttopaper campaign hit exactly the right spot and I'm sure I'm not the only person who was left with a tear in their eye afterwards.

Check out the video below for some ideas:

Don't Stick To The Clichés

We all know the standard gifts: flowers, chocolates and bath salts. They're wonderful, don't get me wrong, you can't go wrong with a combination of the afore-mentioned but there's no reason these slightly clichéd products should hog the entire day. If you can be a little creative with your marketing, you could bring about about a whole new chapter in Mothers' Day gifts. Think outside the box and see what you can come up with.


Offer Discounts For Families

Family time is heaven for most mums, so think about using this in your marketing. If you run a service business consider offering discounts for families or pick out all your family orientated products and use them in a Mothers' Day display.

This point really links in with the last one, instead of flowers why not suggest a Monopoly set, a swing-ball game or even some family friendly DVDs? Anything which can translate to "family" is perfect on this occasion.


Run A Contest

A good way to get the word out there about your brand is by running contests. Everyone loves them and you're bound to get responses, especially if you're offering a decent prize.

To use this for Mothers' Day, simply think about something you can offer which would work well; a family dinner, a spa day or even a great gardening kit are all good examples of prizes. Then you just need to start promoting your contest, quiz or campaign and wait for your entries to roll in! The great thing about social campaigns is that they basically grow themselves through the power of sharing, growing exponentially. Just as long as you have a good concept it should catch on. User generated content campaigns can certainly be more difficult, as it takes more effort for users to enter than a simple quiz, but if you can come up with an engaging idea and a good enough incentive, these types of campaigns have a much greater impact in the social sphere!

BeeLiked offers easy-to-use software, perfect for setting up any kind of campaign. So if you're thinking about going down this route for Mothers' Day take a look at what we offer.

Red Lobster have the right idea:

Other cool ideas you can try are personalisation - if possible you could offer this on site, so people can see their gifts being hand-crafted - and gift advice! The latter could be especially useful if you're running a very female-orientated business, which would make it difficult for some men to know which gift would really work.

Think up a fun quiz they can take for gift suggestions (BeeLiked's "Quiz" campaign would be perfect for this!) it's fun and useful, the perfect combo.

Whatever your plan for Mothers' Day, simply try to come up with something unique and sweet and it's sure to be a winner! If you need more help, check out BeeLiked! They're best way to run a social campaign that we can think of.

POSTED ON Feb-15-2016
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